Manager Marine Operations

Manager Marine Operations

Posted on 31/03/2021      

Job Description

1. Manage day-to-day marine services and logistics, including supervision of staff and contractor
staff, vessels and berthing operations, contract delivery, and services deployment.
2. Lead and grow the department processes and programs with focus on driving operational
excellence in terms of cost, efficiency and Integrity in the day-to-day management of the Marine
department, in full compliance with Company, National and International Maritime rules and
3. Manage and develop the marine day-to-day marine and berthing operations for Company and clintes
4. Co-ordinate the development, implementation, review and update of Marine standards, Port
procedures and work instructions, including effective marine emergency response plans,
conduct of regular drills, evaluating results, and updating ER plans as appropriate, to effectively
manage maritime risks to ALARP within the Port
5. Manage, schedule, monitor and report on execution of the HSSE plan as it relates to marine
infrastructure through interface with operations.
6. Develop and manage relationships/interface with visiting vessels, both local and transient
7. Manage day to day and seasonal/annual marine repairs and maintenance activities, and
support/lead capital projects to meet business needs.
8. Lead and Implement processes and practices for the adoption of Marine Industry best practices.
9. Lead the 3-yearly HSSE Audit of PSA Marine & Oman Shipping - review and assess actions
to monitor effective close out
10. Maintain regular engagement with Marine Contractors in line with Company Contractor
Stakeholder Management Plan
11. Manage and Lead risk assessments for marine operations and provide safe and cost effective
solutions to continually monitor and improve marine risk management and mitigations.
12. Implement and Monitor safe marine procedures & Marine HEMP
13. Ensure Company Port incidents are investigated at the appropriate level, prevention and mitigation
measures are applied and learning distilled/disseminated within and outside the organisation.
14. Lead and participate in the internal and external benchmarking of operational performance
that enhances site level performance of ship management
15. Ensure gap closure plans are followed and progress is tracked to completion for the Shell
Maritime Business Review (SMBR) and similar marine related audits.
16. Verify and analyse assessment of pilot suitability and – if confirmed suitable - certify pilots for
Company Port for the pilotage of LNG and condensate tankers
17. Develop and sustain external relationships with relevant Government authorities, ROP Coast
Guard, Department of Marine Transport, SIGTTO, local shipping agencies, tanker
operators/owners, Company Customers and shareholders in marine operational matters
18. Establish and Deliver technical, operational and commercial marine advice to support
Company’s management, and in particular the Marketing department's existing and future
shipping related business
19. Ensure each tanker scheduled to call at Company Terminal has been positively vetted and
20. Verify and analyse Ship Shore compatibility - including berth fit – for each newly nominated
tanker scheduled to call at Company Terminal and determine vessel acceptance or otherwise for
Company Business.
21. Perform the duty of Technical Authority level 2 for Company Marine Operations.
22. To provide Subject Matter Expert support to the Marketing Team in their negotiation of new
23. Administer and ensure the adequate level of competence and performance of the employees
and contractors through competence evaluation exercises, training initiation, audits etc.
24. Establish the development and coaching of Marine staff to the next higher level.

Job Type

  • Full time

Education qualification

  • Bachelors

Key skills required

  • Operations

Year of experience :   11 - 13 yrs