Accountant Clerk


- Provide accounting and clerical support to the accounting department
- Type accurately, prepare and maintain accounting documents and records
- Prepare bank deposits, general ledger postings and statements
- Reconcile accounts in a timely manner
- Daily enter key data of financial transactions in database
- Provide assistance and support to company personnel
- Research, track and restore accounting or documentation problems and discrepancies
- Inform management and compile reports/summaries on activity areas
- Function in accordance with established standards, procedures and applicable laws

Operation Technician / Civil Technician


- Providing support to civil engineers in the design, construction and management of a variety of projects.
- Preparing detailed building plans.
- Surveying sites and arranging for soil and rock samples to be analysed.
- Ensuring a project matches client specifications.
- Calculating the amount and type of materials needed.
- Ensuring work is carried out according to deadlines.
- Reducing a project’s impact on the environment.
- Working on-site and in an office.

Civil Engineer


- Undertaking technical and feasibility studies including site investigations.
- Using a range of computer software for developing detailed designs.
- Undertaking complex calculations.
- Liaising with clients and a variety of professionals including architects and subcontractors. compiling job specs and supervising tendering procedures.
- Resolving design and development problems.
- Managing budgets and project resources
- Scheduling material and equipment purchases and deliveries
- Making sure the project complies with legal requirements, especially health and safety
- Assessing the sustainability and environmental impact of projects
- Ensuring projects run smoothly and structures are completed within budget and on time.

IT Specialist / Support


- Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers, and scanners
- Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks
- Responding in a timely manner to service issues and requests
- Providing technical support across the company (this may be in person or over the phone)
- Setting up accounts for new users
- Repairing and replacing equipment as necessary
- Testing new technology



- Preparing accounts and tax returns
- Monitoring spending and budgets
- Auditing and analysing financial performance
- Financial forecasting and risk analysis
- Advising on how to reduce costs and increase profits
- Compiling and presenting financial and budget reports
- Ensure that financial statements and records comply with laws and regulations
- Keeping account books and systems up to date.