Q: Is registration on the Jobs Portal free?
A: Yes. Registration is free for job seekers and job advertisers
Q: What details are required to register as a candidate?
A: Complete just the basic details to register as a candidate.
Q: Can I directly Log In after Registration as a candidate?
A: No, you will have to go to your email account. Open the email sent by Oman career and verify the same.
Q: Why am I unable to login as a candidate?
A: Make sure that you have verified your email ID without which you will not be allowed to log in.
Q: I couldn’t find any email in my Inbox?
A: Please check in your SPAM folder, your security settings may direct some mails to spam folder.
Q: I am a registered candidate but why am I not able to apply for a Job?
A: Unless you complete filling up your profile, you will not be able to apply for any jobs.
Q: What is the advantage of filling up my profile?
A: You can freely apply for any job. You will also have an auto generated CV based on the data you provide on filling up your profile.