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Accountant Executive

- Collaborating with internal departments to gather, analyze, and interpret relevant financial information. - Performing audits on financial data to assure its accuracy and truthfulness. - Ensuring that financial information complies with professional and regulatory standards. - Aligning general ledger accounting practices to support budgeting and forecasting. - Entering financial data such as accruals, deferrals, reclassifications, and interdepartmental entries into the ledger on a monthly basis, as well as preparing reports. - Performing account analysis to ensure that journal entries and balances are correct. - Reconciling accounts with the general ledger. - Gathering supporting documentation and performing recordkeeping. - Keeping abreast of regulatory requirements and best practices in accounting - Maintain precise records of all incoming payments - Posts revenues by verifying records validation. - Audit all receipts on a determined schedule to ensure accuracy in accounting - Actively investigate and resolve irregularities in both incoming and outgoing payments - Paying vendors by scheduling pay checks and ensuring payment is received for outstanding credit; generally responding to all vendor enquiries regarding finance - Preparing analyses of accounts and producing monthly reports - Continuing to improve the payment process - Maintain all documents properly for Audit, Tax and as per other regulatory requirement - Create and monitor a system of controls, procedures, and forms for the recordation of fixed assets. - Recommend to management any updates to accounting policies related to fixed assets. - Assign tag numbers to fixed assets. - Record fixed asset acquisitions and dispositions in the accounting system. - Calculate depreciation for all fixed assets. - Review and update the detailed schedule of fixed assets and accumulated depreciation. - Prepare audit schedules relating to fixed assets, and assist the auditors in their inquiries. - Providing accounting and clerical support to ensure that financial transactions are in compliance and of the VAT regulations - Preparation, validation and submission of monthly and quarterly VAT returns - Prepare and manage all documents in line with VAT regulations and other related activities - Maintain controls by adhering to the accounting department’s policies and procedures and ensure Tax practices are in compliance - Conduct day-to-day transactional processing and reporting on taxation. This includes the accurate posting of all tax related entries - Compile, verify, and analyze financial information and prepare financial reports and accounting statements so that senior management has accurate and timely information for making financial decisions. These reports may include monthly VAT liabilities, VAT returns, regulatory reports and filings

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