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IT Specialist / Support

o Installation & Configuration of Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets at various Dept. o Visiting Branches for User Support and Installation. o Troubleshooting for network connectivity issues and Desktop application issues. o Basic Troubleshooting of other devices like scanner, printers etc. o Helpdesk Ticket Management, escalation, Follow-up and Resolution. o Serve as the first point of contact for customers seeking technical assistance over the phone or email o Perform remote troubleshooting through diagnostic techniques and pertinent questions o Determine the best solution based on the issue and details provided by Users o Walk the Users through the problem-solving process o Direct unresolved issues to the next level of support personnel o Provide accurate information on IT products or services o Record events and problems and their resolution in logs o Follow-up and update Users status and information o Pass on any feedback or suggestions by Users to the appropriate internal team o Identify and suggest possible improvements on procedures

Materials Manager

Establish and maintain controls to meet the specified minimum criteria for spare parts availability to maintain HSSE critical equipment as part of the mandatory AIPSM requirements - Alignment of MM with production & maintenance planning, asset integrity and availability targets as defined in business and integrated activity plans - Create an integrated demand and supply forecast for MSC (logistical movements, sourcing and storage activities, disposal of materials and waste). - Alignment and coordination of materials catalogues, BOM and other asset data information related to adequacy and control of spare parts and stocking for effective plant operations and maintenance requirements - Coordinate, identify and drive implementation of actions to ensure delivery of the MSC Road Map - Drive Continuous Improvement and deliver value improvement targets, particularly in the context of reducing Unit Operating Cost - Efficient, effective, safer MM Operations covering logistics, warehousing and procurement. - Availability and adequacy of resources and equipment to meet present and future demand - Availability and adequacy of Buying Channels cover for timely availability of all safety and production critical spares - Own and actively manage CP/ Supply Chain business stakeholder relationships in the MM value chain for purpose of effective collaboration and performance delivery. - Exercise responsibility for monitoring & improving performance of related 3rd party contractors (i.e. logistics, materials handling and waste segregation) - Exercise responsibility for providing MM advisory support at pre-award of contract - Ensure compliance with all statutory requirements as it relates to materials importation and logistics - Ensure accuracy of stock levels and integrity of all materials technical specifications, storage conditions and preservation data and information - Manage Obsolescence for ‘brown field’ assets via OEM engagement and discipline alignment on critical spares - Ensure preservation and integrity of Insurance and critical spares as basis for loss prevention

Manager Marine Operations

1. Manage day-to-day marine services and logistics, including supervision of staff and contractor staff, vessels and berthing operations, contract delivery, and services deployment. 2. Lead and grow the department processes and programs with focus on driving operational excellence in terms of cost, efficiency and Integrity in the day-to-day management of the Marine department, in full compliance with Company, National and International Maritime rules and regulations. 3. Manage and develop the marine day-to-day marine and berthing operations for Company and clintes vessels. 4. Co-ordinate the development, implementation, review and update of Marine standards, Port procedures and work instructions, including effective marine emergency response plans, conduct of regular drills, evaluating results, and updating ER plans as appropriate, to effectively manage maritime risks to ALARP within the Port 5. Manage, schedule, monitor and report on execution of the HSSE plan as it relates to marine infrastructure through interface with operations. 6. Develop and manage relationships/interface with visiting vessels, both local and transient 3 7. Manage day to day and seasonal/annual marine repairs and maintenance activities, and support/lead capital projects to meet business needs. 8. Lead and Implement processes and practices for the adoption of Marine Industry best practices. 9. Lead the 3-yearly HSSE Audit of PSA Marine & Oman Shipping - review and assess actions to monitor effective close out 10. Maintain regular engagement with Marine Contractors in line with Company Contractor Stakeholder Management Plan 11. Manage and Lead risk assessments for marine operations and provide safe and cost effective solutions to continually monitor and improve marine risk management and mitigations. 12. Implement and Monitor safe marine procedures & Marine HEMP 13. Ensure Company Port incidents are investigated at the appropriate level, prevention and mitigation measures are applied and learning distilled/disseminated within and outside the organisation. 14. Lead and participate in the internal and external benchmarking of operational performance that enhances site level performance of ship management 15. Ensure gap closure plans are followed and progress is tracked to completion for the Shell Maritime Business Review (SMBR) and similar marine related audits. 16. Verify and analyse assessment of pilot suitability and – if confirmed suitable - certify pilots for Company Port for the pilotage of LNG and condensate tankers 17. Develop and sustain external relationships with relevant Government authorities, ROP Coast Guard, Department of Marine Transport, SIGTTO, local shipping agencies, tanker operators/owners, Company Customers and shareholders in marine operational matters 18. Establish and Deliver technical, operational and commercial marine advice to support Company’s management, and in particular the Marketing department's existing and future shipping related business 19. Ensure each tanker scheduled to call at Company Terminal has been positively vetted and approved 20. Verify and analyse Ship Shore compatibility - including berth fit – for each newly nominated tanker scheduled to call at Company Terminal and determine vessel acceptance or otherwise for Company Business. 21. Perform the duty of Technical Authority level 2 for Company Marine Operations. 22. To provide Subject Matter Expert support to the Marketing Team in their negotiation of new contracts. 23. Administer and ensure the adequate level of competence and performance of the employees and contractors through competence evaluation exercises, training initiation, audits etc. 24. Establish the development and coaching of Marine staff to the next higher level.

Project Manager, Utilities Project

1. Manage and drive safe and flawless execution of the Utilities project up to project closeout. 2. Ensure technical assurance on all relevant deliverables and ensure relevant assurance events, audits and reviews are carried out timely with no overdue items at any time. 3. Identify and implement opportunities to maximize company production capability through efficient use of production units while ensuring on-spec products using detailed technical knowhow. 4. Apply barrier thinking to risk based assessments to ensure plant safety and integrity (incident investigations, Management of Change, Omni safe closure) 5. Lead and/or participate in process technological HSE services in the form of Process Safety Assessment (PSA), HAZOPs, Bow-ties and LOPA analysis. Responsibilities include the logging, tracking, and closeout of any actions generated from the aforementioned reviews. 6. Propose, lead and execute development studies and projects related to plant performance, process safety and plant integrity improvements. 7. Act as focal point, liaise with external vendors and engineering consultants to execute projects on the site with responsibilities ranging from Terms of Reference preparation to validation of technical proposals to cost/schedule control. 8. Provide advanced process technology familiarization and training for other 1. Manage and drive safe and flawless execution of the Utilities project up to project closeout. 9. With MPS, actively deliver project reports, sharing of risk registers, lessons learned. Act as model project within the Major Projects department. 10. Demonstrate a cost reduction mindset and chase cost reduction opportunities.

Lead Cost and Planning Engineer

1. Track project progress and exploit critical path of the project to meet the project timelines. 2. Supervise Work Breakdown Structures, project controls systems and interfaces with financial accounting systems within existing Procedure and Guidelines. 3. Provide guidance for Project Plans and schedules using standard business software such as Primavera. 4. Coordinate Risk workshops, track actions closing and maintain updated Risk Registers. 5. Coordinate MoC workshops, track actions closing and maintain updated MoC Registers. 6. Coordinate Value Engineering workshops, track actions closing and maintain updated Value Engineering Registers. 7. Advise Project Team of deviations to plan, and be prepared to recommend corrective action to maintain the schedule or cost. 8. Check or assign cost control codes in accordance with the Work Breakdown Structure and Standard Code of Accounts for the invoices received and ensure it is in accordance with the contractually allowable compensation, and update value of work done (VOWD), expenditure forecasts, and other cost reports. 9. Monitor project procurement activities and makes adjustments for timing and procurement cost deviations. 10. Coordinate annual Capital Budget and Estimate update preparation with respect to assigned Project activities. 11. Contribute to project proposals / project execution plans, including pricing and cash flows. 12. Project reporting to Project Managers and company with accurate monthly/Weekly/Ad-Hoc reports that provide progress updates, Cost forecasts, critical path Analysis and MOC summaries. 13. Review and ensure accuracy of CAPEX Budget report every month and update the estimate to complete and overall estimate at completion. 14. Regular follow up on the status of all projects assigned and advice the mitigation plan. 15. Accountable for delivery, maintenance and management of standard and consistent full suite of cost control, planning, risk and project change management to company Projects 16. Liaise with other team leads, departments and stakeholders in company to ensure integrated planning & cost control approach. 17. Own the project change control process and support the company process by reviewing MOC and providing cost estimating and planning support. 18. Reconciliation between cost estimates and the current cost forecast

Sr. Manager Electrical Engineering

Create a strategic plan of action for the Electrical Engineering Services department to help achieve the goal of zero incidents at the site, including preventive maintenance schedules, adoption of best practices from the industry and budget allocations. 2. Control and manage implementation of appropriate maintenance techniques to establish the required preventive maintenance (PM) for all electrical equipment to ensure non overdue status, at the complex; raise and get consensus approval when overdue happens. 3. Coordinate with operations and reliability & integrity departments to conduct, and document, the electrical equipment long-term review that updates the Asset Reference Plan (ARP). 4. Own the implementation of ARP action items emerging from the review (including stock proposals, upgrade proposals, etc). 5. Liaise with operations and other relevant departments to facilitate trouble shooting, through proper techniques for all electrical related process incidents that can affect complex reliability and availability. 6. Consult with respective process owners and design all modifications needed to overcome electrical designs issues and obtain approval for the same. 7. Manage implementation of all single discipline electrical changes in the site facility. 8. Implement regular electrical spare parts reviews and follow up of action items that ensure availability of required spares to maintain complex electrical equipment. 9. Develop and maintain procedures, work instructions and responsibilities matrices within the specified quality assurance certification system and ensure compliance. 10. Forecast budget requirements for the electrical systems and manage contracts and other activities with the allocated budget. 11. Manage electrical skill pool (including the electrical personnel with maintenance section) through coaching and mentoring and use of appropriate interventions (like training need analysis and exploratory internships).

Internal Auditor

- KEY RESPONSIBILITIES & ACCOUNTABILITIES: Accounting Systems and Controls - Develop the monthly Internal audit plan detailing the areas for verification, leading to Annual Plan covering all the areas in a year. - Verifying the authenticity of the transactions with the documentation, records and approvals. - Checking the procedure and process of accounting the revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities. - Reviewing if accounting is in compliance with the applicable International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Accounting Standards (IAS), rules and regulations prescribed by Capital Market Authority (CMA) and as per the procedures enumerated in the internal Accounting Manual - Verify the Investment and Fixed Assets Accounting, Inventory Management System, customers and suppliers’ balances. - Specially identify areas of weakness and deviations so as to prevent occurrence of frauds, misappropriations and misuse of resources. - Ensure that findings and suggestions of both internal and external auditors are implemented and applied consistently. - Review the Financial Statements and the Accounting Policies followed and submit the findings before the Financial Statements are handed over to the Statutory Auditors for their audit. - Provide recommendations to strengthen the internal control process and review its adequacy and its compliance thereon. Management Policies and Procedures - Ensure that appropriate policies, procedures and processes in different segments of the business are in place and administered as part of the Company’s operating management system. - Check the efficacy of the implementation of Controls in all locations with surprise visits. - Establish, monitor, control, recommend and improve business processes, performance and compliance of areas of the business, prioritized according to exposure to risk. - Conduct internal investigation as directed by management from time to time with reference to problem areas, improper acts and deviations that have affected the business resources. - Specially identify the areas of inefficiencies, wastages, low productivity, idle resources, challenges and bottlenecks that hamper the revenue and growth of the company. - Perform any other related duties, as deemed necessary or requested by the management. Governance and Compliance Matters - Maintain internal control systems by updating audit programs and questionnaires and recommending new policies and procedures to improve the overall corporate governance in the company. - Ensure implementation of the various principles of Corporate Governance as prescribed by Capital Market Authority and with reference to operating, regulating and controlling Business Processes. - Monitor the management actions towards safeguarding the interests of shareholders, customers, suppliers, regulators and employees. - Fulfill requirements towards disclosures, Annual Reports, Meetings of the Board and Shareholders, Appointment of Auditors and all other statutory compliance matters. Audit Systems and Reports - Establish and maintain a quality assurance program to evaluate the operations of the Internal Audit department. - Ensure that the audit work conforms with the standards of the international and professional practice of Internal auditing. - Develop and maintain audit working papers by documenting audit tests and findings in a systematic manner as a part of good auditing discipline. - Preparing written audit reports on the result of all audit engagements along with Management Explanations, conclusions, recommendations and assigning a risk scale on various observations, on a timely basis to the Audit Committee. - Periodical Reports shall also include follow up on significant findings from previous audits. - Assist the Board and audit Committee in the effect discharge of their responsibilities by providing independent analysis, appraisals and recommendations. - Identify and recommend governance process in managing the internal audit function at the affiliated associates, subsidiaries and joint ventures, as and when necessary. - Work towards updating technical and professional knowledge through continuous learning and development. Risk Assessment and Assurances - Reviewing the status on legal cases, costs, compensations and damages claimed by and against the Company and also the efficacy of follow up actions taken on these matters. - Promoting the awareness of various risks, the extent of their impact and the mitigation plans at the Board level and also at all levels of the operating management. - Perform risk assessment techniques, determine and weighing of risk factors to estimate their relative significance over the resources of the company. - Establish, monitor, control, recommend and improve business processes, performance and compliance of areas of the business, prioritized according to exposure to risk. - Reviewing the functions of electronic data processing systems, protection of data, establishing firewalls and disaster and data recovery plans and procedures. - Ensure Insurance coverage of all assets and personnel against all risks and contingencies. Secretary of the Audit Committee - The Auditor shall act as the Secretary of the Audit Committee (AC) and reporting to the Chairman of the AC. - Responsible for convening the AC Meetings, coordinating the presence of meeting attendees besides the AC members, making the minutes of the meeting and safe custody of all documents, resolutions and the original minutes of the meeting. - Getting proposals and quotes from Audit Firms for the selection of Statutory Auditors by the AC. - Carrying out various duties as assigned to the IA as per Audit Charter and also as instructed by the AC.

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