Sr. Manager Electrical Engineering

Sr. Manager Electrical Engineering

Posted on 31/03/2021      

Job Description

Create a strategic plan of action for the Electrical Engineering Services department to help
achieve the goal of zero incidents at the site, including preventive maintenance
schedules, adoption of best practices from the industry and budget allocations.
2. Control and manage implementation of appropriate maintenance techniques to establish the
required preventive maintenance (PM) for all electrical equipment to ensure non overdue
status, at the complex; raise and get consensus approval when overdue happens.
3. Coordinate with operations and reliability & integrity departments to conduct, and document,
the electrical equipment long-term review that updates the Asset Reference Plan (ARP).
4. Own the implementation of ARP action items emerging from the review (including stock
proposals, upgrade proposals, etc).
5. Liaise with operations and other relevant departments to facilitate trouble shooting, through
proper techniques for all electrical related process incidents that can affect complex reliability
and availability.
6. Consult with respective process owners and design all modifications needed to overcome
electrical designs issues and obtain approval for the same.
7. Manage implementation of all single discipline electrical changes in the site facility.
8. Implement regular electrical spare parts reviews and follow up of action items that ensure
availability of required spares to maintain complex electrical equipment.
9. Develop and maintain procedures, work instructions and responsibilities matrices within the
specified quality assurance certification system and ensure compliance.
10. Forecast budget requirements for the electrical systems and manage contracts and other
activities with the allocated budget.
11. Manage electrical skill pool (including the electrical personnel with maintenance section)
through coaching and mentoring and use of appropriate interventions (like training need
analysis and exploratory internships).

Job Type

  • Full time

Education qualification

  • Bachelors

Key skills required

  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Engineering

Year of experience :   11 - 13 yrs

Preferred Type :   Preferred Omani