Internal Auditor

Internal Auditor

Posted on 31/03/2021      

Job Description

Accounting Systems and Controls
- Develop the monthly Internal audit plan detailing the areas for verification, leading to Annual Plan
covering all the areas in a year.
- Verifying the authenticity of the transactions with the documentation, records and approvals.
- Checking the procedure and process of accounting the revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities.
- Reviewing if accounting is in compliance with the applicable International Financial Reporting
Standards (IFRS), International Accounting Standards (IAS), rules and regulations prescribed by
Capital Market Authority (CMA) and as per the procedures enumerated in the internal Accounting
- Verify the Investment and Fixed Assets Accounting, Inventory Management System, customers and
suppliers’ balances.
- Specially identify areas of weakness and deviations so as to prevent occurrence of frauds,
misappropriations and misuse of resources.
- Ensure that findings and suggestions of both internal and external auditors are implemented and
applied consistently.
- Review the Financial Statements and the Accounting Policies followed and submit the findings
before the Financial Statements are handed over to the Statutory Auditors for their audit.
- Provide recommendations to strengthen the internal control process and review its adequacy and
its compliance thereon.
Management Policies and Procedures
- Ensure that appropriate policies, procedures and processes in different segments of the business are
in place and administered as part of the Company’s operating management system.
- Check the efficacy of the implementation of Controls in all locations with surprise visits.
- Establish, monitor, control, recommend and improve business processes, performance and
compliance of areas of the business, prioritized according to exposure to risk.
- Conduct internal investigation as directed by management from time to time with reference to
problem areas, improper acts and deviations that have affected the business resources.
- Specially identify the areas of inefficiencies, wastages, low productivity, idle resources, challenges
and bottlenecks that hamper the revenue and growth of the company.
- Perform any other related duties, as deemed necessary or requested by the management.
Governance and Compliance Matters
- Maintain internal control systems by updating audit programs and questionnaires and
recommending new policies and procedures to improve the overall corporate governance in the
- Ensure implementation of the various principles of Corporate Governance as prescribed by Capital
Market Authority and with reference to operating, regulating and controlling Business Processes.
- Monitor the management actions towards safeguarding the interests of shareholders, customers,
suppliers, regulators and employees.
- Fulfill requirements towards disclosures, Annual Reports, Meetings of the Board and Shareholders,
Appointment of Auditors and all other statutory compliance matters.
Audit Systems and Reports
- Establish and maintain a quality assurance program to evaluate the operations of the Internal Audit
- Ensure that the audit work conforms with the standards of the international and professional
practice of Internal auditing.
- Develop and maintain audit working papers by documenting audit tests and findings in a systematic
manner as a part of good auditing discipline.
- Preparing written audit reports on the result of all audit engagements along with Management
Explanations, conclusions, recommendations and assigning a risk scale on various observations, on a
timely basis to the Audit Committee.
- Periodical Reports shall also include follow up on significant findings from previous audits.
- Assist the Board and audit Committee in the effect discharge of their responsibilities by providing
independent analysis, appraisals and recommendations.
- Identify and recommend governance process in managing the internal audit function at the
affiliated associates, subsidiaries and joint ventures, as and when necessary.
- Work towards updating technical and professional knowledge through continuous learning and
Risk Assessment and Assurances
- Reviewing the status on legal cases, costs, compensations and damages claimed by and against the
Company and also the efficacy of follow up actions taken on these matters.
- Promoting the awareness of various risks, the extent of their impact and the mitigation plans at the
Board level and also at all levels of the operating management.
- Perform risk assessment techniques, determine and weighing of risk factors to estimate their relative
significance over the resources of the company.
- Establish, monitor, control, recommend and improve business processes, performance and
compliance of areas of the business, prioritized according to exposure to risk.
- Reviewing the functions of electronic data processing systems, protection of data, establishing
firewalls and disaster and data recovery plans and procedures.
- Ensure Insurance coverage of all assets and personnel against all risks and contingencies.
Secretary of the Audit Committee
- The Auditor shall act as the Secretary of the Audit Committee (AC) and reporting to the Chairman of
the AC.
- Responsible for convening the AC Meetings, coordinating the presence of meeting attendees besides
the AC members, making the minutes of the meeting and safe custody of all documents, resolutions
and the original minutes of the meeting.
- Getting proposals and quotes from Audit Firms for the selection of Statutory Auditors by the AC.
- Carrying out various duties as assigned to the IA as per Audit Charter and also as instructed by the AC.

Job Type

  • Full time

Education qualification

  • Bachelors

Key skills required

  • Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financing

Year of experience :   3 - 5 yrs

Preferred Type :   Preferred Omani